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  1. There were clouds of bees all over this place in Ollie's act. They continually caused chaos as npcs wandered into them.
  2. Genuinely unsure what's happening here. 3 or 4 people in a single chair at once.
  3. I'm just using this weapon to block. It clips into a wall that's between me and an angry bobbie.
  4. Not sure if the Devs meant for Ollie to get up on these houses but you can.
  5. Sometimes I can have weapons out while carrying the baby bag. I can't use them though,
  6. And why can old ladies come wandering into my place all chill but if I walk into anyone else's house I get mobbed?
  7. As sally, why is this one preacher dude the one guy I can't syringe knock out?
  8. And could we get a texture for Joy that doesn't look like tinted Lima Beans on close inspection? These things are kind of a big deal in this world so it would be nice to have a good texture for them.
  9. Question to Devs: Would you like to make the Brolly and Jolly Brolly be stealth weapons, so you could have them out and no one would get triggered? Not a huge deal.
  10. So if I was able to get on top of a police box I could sometimes jump onto nearby ledges and clip inside buildings.
  11. Not a bug, but does this guy really HAVE to swear so dang much? SERIOUSLY he drops the F Bomb like 27 times!
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