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  1. so you just said me that some side quests may having issues,so play better the main quests! are you being sarcastic here? is this answer ok for compulsion company??? hey i pay for your game the whole price and i want to play everything in it. sorry for my attitude but guys you have to fix everything in the game,asap!
  2. today i had 2 bugs one with the butcher quest and the body. i put the body inside the cart and nothing happened.and the other quest who i have in the end to open 4 windows.i opened the windows and nothing happened again. guys please fix the game,i can't play it anymore because of the bugs. so anyone here read the comments??please answer! you have to patch it asap!!!!!! my english is bad i know by the way...
  3. npcs are in the ground sometimes.literally in the ground! if i will see any other problem i 'll add it here.i don't want to spam the forum with topics.also the framerate sometimes is very bad guys. as i progress the game i find some problems here and there. but i like it so much. if you patch it again,the game will be the best!
  4. good job with the game guys,thanks! i'm enjoying it for 5 hours now. but please fix a little bit more the framerate,sometimes is not good at all.thanks for your time!
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