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  1. Hello! Loving the new story in the game. Anyways, I am playing on a PC laptop through Steam, and the build is v1.5.72378. The biggest obstacle I have encountered is not being able to bribe the bobbies. I keep a healthy stash of scotch at all times, but when I press v to bribe, the just stare at me. Perhaps most of my bobbies are just recovering from their love of scotch. *mild quest spoilers ahead* I was, however, able to bribe the two bobbies around the pretty cart with the dead body on it (Quest line: Possibly Heinous Package). That said, I ran into issues with the quest, "Slaughterer's Apprentice." It was surprisingly easy hauling a dead body in a garbage bag through town, and rather less easy to escape the hands of the V-meat master lunatic. I got as far as Arthur getting his stash back, but I was too slow and got knocked out. Unfortunately, there is no other *broken eviscerator part* in the area, and therefore, no way to finish the quest if not done right the first time. Would there be a way to cause the machine to spawn a new one each day, or maybe just have the psycho slaughter poor Arthur to start the same day again? Any way to remedy this would be lovely. I know there's a way to cheat the part into the game, but where's the fun in that? Lastly, at one point I fell into a void and died by stepping over a dead body and attempting to open a red door. I believe it was a house, and I will actively try to find the specific area again. It was kind of funny, actually - I was half hoping to see a "vacation to the void," article, but it cracked me up that it simply said Arthur had gone for a swim. Although I'm 40 hours in, I can already tell there is much more to this game, and I am so impressed with its progress. I look forward to seeing it in its entirety. Thank you for taking your time and fine tuning it. Have a lovely day! -A Fellow Downer
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