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  1. It's gonna be the Christmas present to my brother ❤️
  2. The thing is that Patrick Watson is my Joy since years. But there is no down effect. And i mean it.
  3. Guys.... This is just INCREDIBLE. I'm playing We happy Few these days, and i must say it's the best game i ever played. I love the scenario, the sense of humour, the graphic design. It's a beautifull story, that will bring anyone to some thinking, and well... It's so well done. BUT. I was escaping from the science building, proud of myself after blowing everything... And a delicious music started. It was perfect for the moment. I had the feeling of having experienced the exact same thing in my life, this sensation of freedom, that you feel when blessed by love... The music was progressing, and it was becoming verry emotional to me. It was remembering me how i'm feeling when I'm at Patrick Watson concerts. So i googled about We happy few OST, and readed about "The Make Believes". I searched about it... Well, they are no one. They don't exist! But then i read that Compulsion Games is coming from Montreal.... OMG, it must be a secret project! Patrick watson must be behind it ! And then, i find this forum post. It's crazy sometimes how good things are connected. How good people and good ideas too. It's verry crazy. Guys, Patrick, I love you all.
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