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  1. Totally forgot to mention that, so sorry. Xbox is the current platform im using.
  2. Ive been researching very much to find out the current state of issues people have been having with WHF and while ive established what the issues are and that ive read that developers are very aware of said issues and intend on aiding them in any way they can, i still dont understand why everyone else i know claims they arent experiencing the (in my opinion) horrendous rendering issues. I can stare at a wall, or a mailbox, or something that hasnt even rendered into visibility at all for like 2 minites before its final and intended texture is present. And if i so much as walk three steps away from said object, 9 times out of 10 i turn around and its visually yet to be rendered onnce again. Sometimes my screen is flashy, sometimes things in the distance are clearer than close up, but i just cant truly get past it when i try to play, ive basically stopped my playthrough till i can find out if thats something that will ever be fixed (if thats even possible) at this point i just want any info i can find. Currently continuing my playthrough and still mostly enjoying it.
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