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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned before but all of a sudden, when I load my game it’s just a black screen. The prompts pop up that say I’m fully fed and I have points to use toward skills and I can hear Arthur talk but it’s just black. I have video of it also if that would help. I’m on PS4 Pro running the latest update/build.
  2. I wasn’t aware it was still working on bobbies that spawn and patrol the streets, thank you for mentioning that. This is the exact issue I’m having. Thank you for responding.
  3. So has my bug just been completely skipped over?? No one has even acknowledged the post I made and yet, other posts are being answered. This forum system for informing you of bugs does not work!
  4. WyckedGaymer

    Screenshot thread?

    There’s no Photo Mode so I created these
  5. I recently noticed, after updating on PS4, that I can bribe the bobbies with Scotch and one is taken out of my inventory but they don’t actually take it nor does it show them stumbling around.