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  1. Thanks Lawrah. That was the problem. It never even occurred to me to try to continue from the main menu--I guess I just assumed that I had to go straight to the dlc. Crisis averted!
  2. I'm also very confused about this. I started the dlc last night, got through most of the "Stranger In a Strange Land" quest, and decided I needed to stop for the night. With no clear option to save, I just quit the game, figuring it would auto save. Instead, when I started it back up today, it started me back at the very beginning of the dlc. Surely I should have hit a checkpoint by then?
  3. Lee, thanks for all your help. I'm sorry if this is off topic (it definitely is) but this site is hard to navigate so I'm just going to ask it here. I want to buy the soundtrack, but it looks like it's missing very key songs, like "I Wanna Stay the Same." Who do I contact about this? Sorry again because this is way off topic, but I figure you owe me because my character is way overdosing on Joy right now (due to some design decisions which are totally not your fault). (Also, if I could get a discount on a mug or something, that would be cool. You don't have to tell anybody. We're cool.)
  4. Fair enough. Frustrations with the gameplay aside: my god, this game is just an incredible experience.
  5. Thanks for responding. Yes, it's the ladder. I can interact with it like with any other ladder by holding down X, and it takes me to a brief loading screen, but then it just dumps me back into the shelter. This has only happened with Ollie, and only at the Maidenholm safehouse.
  6. Any chance that this patch will address the issue I'm having (XboxOne), with the Maidenholm hatch not working in Ollie's story? Specifically, I can enter the hatch, and I can fast travel to it and from it, but I can't exit from the hatch.
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