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deadlines are bad

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  1. deadlines are bad

    xbox one x framerate

    same for everything
  2. I don't like the fov that we happy few had's on console and i would like it to be a bit higher . So i wish there's was fov slider to change it . And i do understand there's hardware limitations and it's fine if there isn't going to be a fov slider. It would just be nice to have one.
  3. i'll like to know how are you guy's are doing with sandbox and maybe a guess date when it might release? i hope it's before the first dlc comes out.
  4. deadlines are bad

    walking simulator 10/10

    well buddy i have finshed the game 10 times and i like the game very much. can't you take a joke ?
  5. I have launched into the air and Npc's had's also been lauching in the air too. This had's been starting to happen with the new hotfix.
  6. deadlines are bad

    Sally's Chapter Review

    be a bad mom don't feed gwen that's what i do
  7. deadlines are bad

    uhh 1.6 ??

    Sorry It was just the hotfix update sorry i wasted your time
  8. deadlines are bad

    walking simulator 10/10

    we happy few is best the walking simulator in 2018 10/10 ... what's a fast travel ???? ollie is the best walking simulator .
  9. deadlines are bad

    uhh 1.6 ??

    Why is there a new update on ps4 for 1.6 ?
  10. The 1.5 update had's made the game have fewer loading screen's in the middle of gameplay but there's still a lot of fps issues with the game and it's mostly in Maidenholm,St. Georges Holm,The Parade District . I play on the ps4.