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  1. I don't like the fov that we happy few had's on console and i would like it to be a bit higher . So i wish there's was fov slider to change it . And i do understand there's hardware limitations and it's fine if there isn't going to be a fov slider. It would just be nice to have one.
  2. i'll like to know how are you guy's are doing with sandbox and maybe a guess date when it might release? i hope it's before the first dlc comes out.
  3. well buddy i have finshed the game 10 times and i like the game very much. can't you take a joke ?
  4. I have launched into the air and Npc's had's also been lauching in the air too. This had's been starting to happen with the new hotfix.
  5. be a bad mom don't feed gwen that's what i do
  6. Sorry It was just the hotfix update sorry i wasted your time
  7. we happy few is best the walking simulator in 2018 10/10 ... what's a fast travel ???? ollie is the best walking simulator .
  8. The 1.5 update had's made the game have fewer loading screen's in the middle of gameplay but there's still a lot of fps issues with the game and it's mostly in Maidenholm,St. Georges Holm,The Parade District . I play on the ps4.
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