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  1. I guess I will post a reply here, now I have checked out a bit of the Japanese localisation. Platform: PC (GOG) Version: Most of these I found on 1.4, but then the patch notes were released saying there would be some unspecified localisation fixes. So, I thought I had better wait to see if they are still there on the 1.5 version or obviously there is no point reporting it. This is either things in the menu or starting new games on both those versions. Screenshots: Same situation as my previous post. Issues in the Theatre menu: -On Japanese language settings, the mask memory "Chess" has an English description. (Image: https://imgur.com/n1H4Xng ) -The mask memory "What Jack Did" has an English title and description. (Image: https://imgur.com/vs221QY ) -As mentioned in my previous post, the mask memory "Home Again" has no subtitles on the Theatre menu in Japanese. (But after this patch, now it does in English! I'm very happy about that) -"Well, Well, Well" episode about scurvy has no subtitles in Japanese on the Theatre menu (nor in English) (despite definitely having them in game, because it's the one playing in Arthur's office) -This is an issue for several Uncle Jack episodes (at least "Well, Well, Well" about tuberculosis, and "News Hour" that begins with 'Everyone is talking about the shocking thing that happened yesterday.'), the problem is all the cutscene's subtitles is in one single text box but it cannot all fit onto the screen, so the subtitles cut off in the middle. I watched both those examples to the end, but a second subtitle box with the rest of the text never appeared. (Image of "Well, Well, Well" example: https://imgur.com/gbbc8on ) -"Nighty Night" the Pied Piper Part 2 has a similar issue - there is a text overflow problem not showing all the subtitles (the last visible line is "But, he did not seem afraid." in the middle of the story), but for this one, at the very last moment it switches to a second textbox for the sign-off ("Goodnight, and see you tomorrow!") (Image 1: https://imgur.com/Pwto7Q1 and Image 2: https://imgur.com/9IB9VkK ) -"Nighty Night" the Pied Piper parts 1 and 2 do not have any video showing? Maybe that is supposed to be like that and I never noticed before though. In a new game: -There is some kind of invisible sign in Clive's office that says "Conference Room". Actually, I found this in both my 1.4- and 1.5-started save games. (Image, from 1.5 save: https://imgur.com/p7f3PMH ) -The cutscene of a Doctor injecting Arthur's co-worker witnessed through the blinds didn't have any subtitles. -The cutscene of Arthur geting chased out of the office by Bobbies didn't have any subtitles, until it goes black and they start commenting about gas. -I don't know what the issue is, maybe the position is off, but some kinds of texts appear to be very slightly cut off at the top? Like the top pixels have been erased or something. I tried to find some easy to show examples. Image 1: https://imgur.com/9u7mtgW Characters in the red box are the same, but the top one is cut off. So is the button prompt. Image 2: https://imgur.com/9cmfQpq Characters with the red line are missing the black outline at their top -When checking a window that requires a jimmy bar to open, it turns the text into English (Image: https://imgur.com/DkoaekV ) -Not related to text/language, but something very strange happened I thought it must be a bug. After exiting the Church on Barrow's Holm, all the townspeople were standing around not moving. But, after I spoke to them they all began to move like they were dancing and never stopped... It was kind of funny though, even if it was a bug, I don't mind it! (Short Video: https://imgur.com/lBLoD3e ) Maybe somethings that were intentional or not: -The 'digging spot was added to your map' text appears partly in English. (Image: https://imgur.com/06EyB4o ) -Names of people appears sometimes just in alphabet letters, sometimes in Japanese kana. It seems to be random, but more have alphabetic names. (Image 1: https://imgur.com/t8ltQ0b and Image 2: https://imgur.com/ig7x1rs ) Performance: I'm not sure if the performance/framerate improvements will effect only new started games or not, but I loaded some old save files to check. Around Sally's house now only drops to 30fps! That is a lot more manageable for me. I did Arthur's early story part on the launch version, so I don't think any comparison I have for that would be too useful. But on this new version's started games there still seemed to be a lot of framerate drops, often down to 30fps in quest areas (eg the Church, the Train Station). Is the next patches going to have any more improvements? Or maybe I will just have to wait until I buy better hardware...
  2. Hello, I recently completed this wonderful game and would like to report some bugs I experienced, mainly to do with subtitles. (I played in English, but next I am also curious to check out the Japanese localisation, so I suppose later I could report again if I experienced the same issues on a different language setting) Platform: PC (GOG) Version: I began my save file on the launch version; but played most of the game (including starting acts 2/3) in the latest 1.4.71191 version Screenshots: I have some screenshots of most of these (I took them so I could note where the issues were). I have only uploaded the ones that seem particularly relevant/useful to have a visual for to me, but I can probably upload any others if desired. Missing Subtitles -During the quest "Sympathy for the Lightbearer", the cutscenes from mid-way through had no subtitles (the one where Nick is first encountered and the one in the bathroom). -During the quest "The Church of Simon Says", for the cutscenes in the church it did not display any subtitles for the elderly lady's dialog. It still subtitled things like <applause> for some reason. -During the quest "A Malpractice of Doctors", the opening cutscene to the Wellington Health Institute did not have any subtitles for the PA announcements -The "Home Again" mask scene doesn't have subtitles, including when replaying it on the Theatre menu. Missing Audio (though luckily there was still subtitles) -I'm not sure if this is a 'missing audio' or some other type of problem, but subtitles from the gossiping old ladies in Thomasina house have a very large radius in which they appear, much much further than when the audio does. ---This also has a secondary problem. These lines are (comparatively with other NPC dialogs) very frequent and can appear during the cutscenes. It made a cutscene from "Superb Meat Boy" with an Impatient Person very difficult to follow, because these extra subtitles kept appearing and disappearing, jumping the cutscene dialog lines around. -I had a similar problem in Ollie's act, with some kind of very frequent NPC dialog subtitles (I think it might have been from the Uncle Jack fanclub?), interrupting the quest "No Place Like Home" at Miss Byng's house, including all of the cutscenes. This was particularly frustrating because the extraneous dialog subtitles were rather tonally dissonant with these dramatic/serious scenes. (Image: https://imgur.com/2zijEre) -I did not work out where this dialog about Nick Lightbearer was coming from in Haworth Labs? I thought maybe there was another set of cells I missed, but I couldn't find anything, and the subtitles appeared over a much wider area than the other prisoners'. There were subtitles all the way from the office to the exit hatch. And, I think they didn't appear until after the cutscene with Dr Verloc (because otherwise I would have noticed them similar to the above) (Image: https://imgur.com/MKeORvY and https://imgur.com/WfS4Xd8) -The cutscene where the bobbies take Sally to their office was missing audio (but, it returned for the song and dance cutscene). -I also had an issue at one point, where although there were subtitles when interacting with Gwen, Sally's dialog and Gwen's baby noises had no audio, there was only some fabric rustling noises. Other subtitle-related problems I encountered -Technically, not a 'missing' subtitle, but in the mask scene "Hildegarde" this very long paragraph was only displayed for a short time and disappeared while the audio was only halfway through it. (This happened in the game, where I missed getting a screenshot/don't have a nearby save, and happens when replaying on the Theatre menu) (Image: https://imgur.com/ZWbZsMI) -Same issue, for this subtitle during Sally's encounter with General Byng at the military camp. It doesn't display for very long, and disappears halfway through the audio. (Image: https://imgur.com/HBIoU24) -During the quest "The House of the Inventor", the first cutscene outside Dr Faraday's house has a 'blank' line of a subtitle marker with no text. It's luckily not altogether missing, as the text for that dialog was included in the next line displayed. (Image: https://imgur.com/vkLDgCD) -The cutscene where Sally notices Gwen has measles, had a 'stuck' subtitle that stayed and partially obscured the bottom line of text. (Image: https://imgur.com/QdQZPnZ) Other text-related issues -The text display of this poster on the wall in Nick Lightbearer's house is showing something completely different. It has the same problem in Sally's act, though if you move the cursor much lower, it will bring up the proper text. (Image: Arthur https://imgur.com/PNpyvWt and Sally https://imgur.com/TR2RBxk) -The error text explaining you cannot expand your carrying capacity anymore doesn't appear on the menu/inventory screen, only when you exit out of it again. -This quest encounter ("Bad Dreams") is missing a label on the map. (Image: https://imgur.com/ucN7IED ) -A display issue with this sign in the Uncle Jack fanclub. (Image: https://imgur.com/wQvUvn0) -The cutscene talking to the executive committee has a text overlay. Strangely, afterwards I could not even find the poster or sign it is supposed to be showing text for? (Image: https://imgur.com/9ji1lK1) -There was some minor typos I noticed in the quest log text (other than the deliberate/stylised text). Should I report those too? Things I'm not sure if it was intentional or a bug -After completing the quest "Edie Goes Downer", Arthur's dialog when reloading would be about it, every time to the end of the game. Was that supposed to happen..? I didn't get the impression that quest was such a 'big deal' compared to other events of the story that Arthur would continue to comment on it. -In Ollie's act, towards the later half of the game, when entering a new area that was supposed to start with a brief cutscene, it would briefly show a normal/'playing' view before showing the cutscene. This didn't happen in Sally's or Arthur's acts. -I'm not sure if this view of the mainland is supposed to be like this? Or some kind of world gen/loading issue. It is from Ollie's act so the the world generation was done under the latest version. (I did think it looks kind of cool though, and adds to the un-real feeling of the world outside WW) (Image: https://imgur.com/4z1WqcS) -I'm not sure if this was a bug or a misunderstanding on my part... my impression was that on the easy difficulty, it turned off the survival needs management requirements, but during Sally's act I got some red penalties for being thirsty and hungry? This never happened on Arthur's act, and I wasn't exactly using food/drinks very often. (Image: https://imgur.com/YxW4Sys) -In Ollie's act, I could not craft the "Spiky Suit" due to lacking a Padded Suit, even though I had one? (Is there a different kind of Padded Suit to the basic one for getting honey?) Not a bug, but maybe I could please get some technical advice? For Arthur's act, my framerate was mostly good, around 60fps with drops to 40fps in large/crowded areas. But on Sally's act, I was getting absolutely dreadful framerate drops - down to 20fps - around her house, every time I went near it. Which was very unfortunate, because obviously you have to go there a lot during her story. I ended up rushing through, because that framerate + character movement was making me feel ill. Ollie's act wasn't quite so bad, though the framerate tended to to drop to 30fps sometimes, it wasn't as frequent (and thankfully wasn't making me feel ill). From what I understand, this is a CPU issue, though mine meets the recommended requirements. Right now, my system specs are Intel i5-6500/GTX 1080/16GB RAM. But, I was planning to upgrade in the near future to an Intel i7-7700K. Is that likely to make a difference, especially to the issue around Sally's house? I really want to play her story again, and take my time. Thanks for reading all of this, I hope at least some of it was useful information. I am looking forward to the next update and the upcoming DLC
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