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  1. Okay, there's just some idiots on the internet just wanted to be sure no offense needed.
  2. You're 100% sure you have the milk in your inventory / are pressing ~ to gain access to console?
  3. so im playing this quest i can see all the kidnapper guys i have to kill no problem. I go to kill the last guy, swing once, hit him and he disappears. now i turned my computer off, my game off, left the quest for a while to do other things. nothings working. it currently says hes over in that building like 70m away where you meet the grumpy old dude from your past who hides up in the tower and makes you run after paper tanks. but i can no longer access the inside of that building (atleast i believe i cant, i tried for quite a while) since ive completed the quests already with the old dude. HELP please ++ side note im on pc im not sure if that will help.
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