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  1. ekul1021

    SPOILERS!! I finished the game!

    For Ollie's campaign, maybe for future DLC make a flash back during the Second World War campaign? I like to see how the Third Reich was overthrown and this new German Government which clearly could have stopped it all and made peace somehow decided to continue the war crimes that resulted in those children's death.
  2. ekul1021

    WIP: Bobby Uniform

    Thanks IG82!
  3. ekul1021

    WIP: Bobby Uniform

    Wonderful, just curious, where did you get the jacket?
  4. ekul1021

    The Season Pass! What is it?

    Hi, is there a suggestion box? I want to add a suggestion for the developers about maybe make a DLC so that the players can play as one of the Bobbie police and then realize suddenly about the reality of the world, sort of like a post "we happy few" after Ollie left. Maybe expand how the British lost the island, especially how Rommel became Fuehrer? Also maybe add more NPC conservation that would make the town a bit more lively? Otherwise, even though the game was buggy, wonderful game especially the voice acting and the side story-line was just outrageously funny and I couldn't stop laughing at the end of my seat.