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  1. Hi, folks!

    I’m playing on XBox One. I was in the kitchen of the museum, flinging gold records at my ex-wife’s insult bubbles (which is a brilliant metaphor; nice work). Throwing the gold records at any other target proved fruitless. I tried to save the game, but the save link was unavailable. I let her kill me. When I tried to go back to the main menu, but got nothing but the “happy is the country with no past” screen. The bar wasn’t loading. In frustration, I hit the Home button and shut the XBox off. Now (the XBox has used other apps in the meantime), I have the same screen. rather than the main menu or anything else. What do I do? Why can’t I completely quit the game and try again? 

  2. I wasted a lot of time in my first play-through as Sally trying to find bobby pins and charcoal. I don't understand how a character who's supposed to be such a brilliant chemist can't make charcoal. I also don't understand how a woman who's supposed to be the hottie "it girl" of this world doesn't have access to a bobby pin. Arthur even says that he learned how to make lock picks while getting in trouble with Sally as a youngster, so why can't she make lock picks? 

    I have never been able to make and use the hallucinex atomizer. 

    Otherwise, I thought the limitations (feeding, changing and holding Gwen) were reasonable expectations of the game. 

  3. On 1/8/2019 at 11:41 PM, winteryyyy said:

    Hi all, I’ve been loving playing through We Happy Few and am really enjoying getting into Sally’s part! One thing that I’ve been thinking through that’s maybe unanswered is why those off their Joy (or perhaps becoming sick from it) mention seeing eyes all around them.

    Is there an in-game explanation that I haven’t come across yet? My best guesses are either that they are hallucinating the eyes of *those who are no longer in Wellington Wells*  or they are paranoid about being watched by others. Anyone have other thoughts on this?

    I have exactly the same question! I’ve played through Arthur’s level several times, Sally’s twice, and Ollie’s once. I’ve seen eye graffiti, and heard people talk about “the eyes,” but that’s it. What am I missing? Or is something coming along in the future? 

  4. Hi! 

    I’m playing on XBox One, with Build v1.572492. 

    Once I get to “Quest Found: The Two Musketeers,” I can’t save the game, manually or otherwise. I can get as far as the nearest hatch. After that, I can continue playing, but I can’t save it. I’ve gotten as far as Haworth Labs, with Thomasina House , Sub Terra Sub Rosa, and Sum of the Parts in between, but every time I go on holiday, I end up back at the hatch in Eel Pie Holm. 

    What’s up? 

    Thank you. 

  5. I had an interesting experience that I don't know how to categorize. If there's a better place to which I should send this feedback, please let me know. 

    I'm playing on XBox One. Prior to 1.4.71195, I was playing as Arthur and had made it as far as The House Of The Future before crashing every time I tried to enter the engineering lab at Arkwright. I stopped playing. When you announced the latest patch, I started a new game in Slot 2. I ran around in Eel Pie Holm, doing as many side quests as possible, trying to build skills, gather interesting loot, and get a new perspective on the story. I didn't delete the play through in Slot 1, figuring that either a) someday my prince would come, b) I'd build a more experienced Arthur. 

    1.4.71195 came out, I downloaded and installed it. 

    The next day, I thought, okay, Slot 2 Arthur, you've been great, but I really want to move on with the story. I selected Slot 2 and hit Y to delete. 

    Slot 1 Arthur disappeared. I was left with Slot 2 Arthur, who had significantly less experience. I sighed and decided to move on. 

    Played for a while. Got partway through The English Vice. Got into a fight, got beaten up, went on holiday. Hit A to continue. The game crashed. I called it a night. 

    I launched the game again the next day. Slot 2 Arthur was gone. Slot 1 Arthur was right where I'd left him, on a bench in front of Arkwright in the Parade District, at an hour and forty eight minutes to curfew. I tried to go back to the Fashion Institute, but the route was obscured on the map and shuttered off. 

    So. Is this a bug, or part of the game, that I have no choice but to spend the night in. Arkwright? Should I delete the game and reinstall it?

    Thanks in advance for your perspective. 

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