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  1. Thank you for sharing. So with this, the PS4 data corruption issue after finishing Act I (where all saved data is lost and it's impossible to progress to Acts II and III) is also resolved? I really hope to know before I bother trying to restart the whole thing again. I took a completionist route the first-time through, loving this game to bits, and I don't have the heart to do it again if I won't actually be able to continue the game. Thank you in advance for your time!
  2. Thank you very much for the update, Lee! May I ask, more specifically, will this update definitely solve the issue where the game crashes after Act I and proceeds to delete all saved data as "corrupt"? I believe this is a PS4 issue. I just hope to know because the other little issues really don't bother me - it's just this one that makes 2/3 of the game unplayable because they can't be reached. If the update will solve the issue for sure, then I'd much rather wait for it within the next two weeks than get a refund on the game, as I thought I might. Thanks, and cheers!
  3. I don't think this solution works for those of us who didn't buy the disc version of the game. I downloaded it from the Playstation Store... I had multiple crashes while playing, though I think it only crashed one time while accessing a save file. Thing is, as soon as I finished Act I of the game, it decided to crash right after starting Act II and deleted all my save data as "corrupt." I can see this has been a issue with the game since it's release, and one that is clearly not taken care of yet. That's really discouraging. I really want to finish this game badly - it's such a uniquely thought-out idea, and a genuinely fun game bar the obvious issues - but I don't dare risk re-starting as Arthur, especially after I made sure to be so thorough during that first playthrough, collecting everything and completing all the missions. All of that for nothing. For now, it might be better to just get a refund until it's fixed, since I'm broke, too...(Thought I'd have this game to enjoy until my next paycheck, alas.)
  4. Hi there, I'm also having this issue. I'm a PS4 player. I was having crashing issues throughout my playthrough as Arthur, but thankfully I had known to save often so that I wouldn't be set back too much because of those crashes. However, I just finished Arthur's portion (Act I) today, and just as Act II was starting, the game crashed again. This time, however, it said my data would be deleted because it was corrupted, and I would have to start a new game. I'm honestly devastated. I put so much time into the Arthur playthrough - completed all the missions, collected all the important items, etc etc. It's already hard to bear knowing I have to playthrough it all again just to see if I can get to Acts II and III to enjoy Sally and Ollie's stories, but worse still is wondering IF I will be able to get to them if I attempt to play Arthur's again, or if I will have the crash and data corruption issue once more. This seems to be a very big issue for the PS4. Any chance we could know when it will be solved? I don't want to restart Arthur's gameplay until I know I'll actually be able to continue to Act II. Thanks for your time!
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