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  1. These are awesome!! Thank you for sharing ?
  2. Hello ? I have too many items in my inventory, I don't want to completely discard them but it seems I have no choice. I don't understand how the Pneumatic Stash works either, can anyone give me some advice? Thank you for reading x
  3. I am on the Faraday Cage mission. I have completed (with an hour or so of frustration) collecting the bucket of mortilene, brought it back to the lab and now have the extractor. I managed to extract the car in Faradays yard but when I go to the other cars (near Old Luds Home Station and the car near the tree house) I am able to use the took but it doesn't actually extract anything!! I can do it multiple times but still get the option to extract the car over and over again. I am totally stuck in the game. Please tell me that I am not the only one ?
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