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  1. Personally, I believe a tab next under/over "statistics" that keeps track of all (or most recent) messages would be a great help. I can't even tell you how many times I've missed what rewards I just received, or just completely unsure of what achievement I just unlocked. In fact, I just now could've sworn it said I unlocked an improved gas mask plan, only I couldn't find the plan in the build menu. So I reloaded to an earlier save and had to re-do a quest just to be certain. Sure enough, in the quest of the marble cat burglary, one of the rewards is an improved gas mask plan but none is given.
  2. Also, not sure if this is intended, but if you're not carrying empty power cells, the motilene vacuum wont work, even though you have empty cells in the pneumatic stash. And, during the motilene vacuum's animation, the player character looks at the tank, but it's empty. And finally, the entire animation is seemingly shorter than the on-screen prompt. Meaning, you have to hold the button throughout the entire animation, even after fully sucking up the motilene. The prompt input should be shortened by a second or two. This goes for the extraction tools animation prompt as well. I mentioned in another post that teacups (a crafting resource) are not displayed in the crafting tab, but only in the "all" tab, I just learned that this is true for empty torches as well.
  3. Great, looking forward to it. A minor bug I've noticed: if you perform a non-lethal take-down on a sleeping npc, and then return after you've loaded a save, that npc will now be deceased instead of unconscious.
  4. I would like to not have to type in certain console commands, like "r.BloomQuality=0" (which removes bloom), each time I start the game. Is there an .ini I can add cvar's to, or a seperate file that needs to be created? Thanks
  5. Glad to help. Def minor issues, to be sure. But issues nonetheless. Just a head up to anyone else also reading this. I've had the no "Needs" issue (for the second time) last between gaming sessions, for at least the last 4 hours of gameplay. Returning to the bunker isn't a fix, like I previously thought. The only thing, so far, that gets the clock resuming is initiating sleep, eating, or drinking. But I think I'll keep it frozen for a while longer.....
  6. I just had it happen again....not complaining just finding it interesting. I thought it may be related to the Witches Chest? It happened the first time after messing around with it, and right now the mission popped up again because it's been a few days. I started off in bunker: Full rested, hunger, and thirst...then went to Eel Pie Holm to search abandoned houses at night. Then went to check out the witches chest, and lo and behold, I had unlimited "Needs" again. I reloaded to earlier saves , even ones before ever reaching the witches chest, and I apparently still had unlimited "needs", so not sure when it started. Oh, and the"Decal"s I was referring to are from the player characters weapons/fists after hitting any other texture. One last thing...the Devs should really limit their use of overly bright lighting and effects, or offer an option to limit them. Especially "highlighting" objects/bushes. At night, this especially hurts my eyes like crazy.Try, perhaps, a lighter grey color instead of bright white? Showing bright things in the same scene as dark things is a recipe for eye-strain. And the "glow" lighting effect....uggghh....don't get me started.
  7. I realize that having an empty "needs" also gives you the ( ~' ~" ) like timer. But I had full Sleep, Hunger, and thirst, plus all the bonuses...the entire time. (oh..I actually found the teacups under the "all" tab in the pneumatic stash...so at least they aren't gone)
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