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  1. I recently discovered that We Happy Few deluxe edition was free on game pass and downloaded it onto my laptop, I've previously played the whole game except the addons on xbox and now that I'm downloading it on my laptop whenever I try to launch it, it will momentarily show a black screen with the game's logo on it and then immediatly crash, I've found no help for this on google and was hoping you guys could help me out
  2. Thanks for getting back to me, I also just wanted to point out that although this hasn't affected my gameplay in any way I have noticed a couple of times where I'll get some sort of invisible house, that'll have features like flowers and a sign hanging on maybe even a window but everything else about it was invisible and me and the npcs could walk right through it.
  3. after playing a while longer I realized I'm an idiot and crouched down allowing me to activate the door. I feel so stupid.
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