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  1. @TheStinger Thank you so much! I can now move on through the game. It worked!
  2. Take that back..I finally got them to answer me on a "hopeful fix" for Future Perfect.
  3. @TheStinger Thank you! I'll give it a go. The suit of blending finally got fixed (only took me making 3 of them before the game allowed me to complete it).
  4. Every post I state about "Future Perfect" quest being bugged just gets ignored. Not one time have they even addressed this, sad really as I've got a ton of followers on steam that bought this game due to me giving it a thumbs up (while it was still in beta). Hitting game breaking bugs is just not acceptable in full release. My heart fills heavy on this one because I love this game and had huge hopes for it to be a smash hit.
  5. I had to jump upon the wagon and crouch to receive the prompt to pick up the Heinous Package. Is the wagon highlighted when you approach it? If it is then the package is in the wagon. I gave the bobbies scotch so they didn't get upset with me. I could not pick the package up from the outside of the wagon. Hope this works for you. Cheers
  6. I'm on PC and tried all I can to correct these quest. I've went back a few saves, I've reloaded, I've restarted my PC, I've verified my copy on Steam. I'm just freaking stuck at this point!
  7. 1. Hive Mind: Can't harvest honey, even with a padded suit. 2. Tree House: Craft a "Suit Of Blending". I've completed the quest all the way to the last part, which is "craft a suit of blending". I've crafted 2 and still have the promt to craft a suit of blending. I've even tried to wear one and return to the tree house LOL. 3. Future Perfect: After "Align The Machines To Blast A New Door" you are to pull the handle and finish this. The handle disappeared and the quest can't be completed, which is so far a game breaker due to I can't find another way to continue this story.
  8. No save and loading does nothing. And yes if you see the screen shots you will see I can enter 'ARKWRIGHT'
  9. Another issue with "Future Perfect" quest. I'm just going through some to try and find a fix, as I'm stuck and can't progress with the story.
  10. Bump! Another person with the same issue! No freaking handle to pull! Posted on another post with screen shots of this. I'm on PC
  11. I'm having kind of the same issue in this same area! Oh and hello Keenan. I also lined up all the machines to blast a hole in the office wall and the handle to pull to activate the cannon disappeared. Now I can't find a way to continue the story due to the quarantine
  12. I hope maybe by posting the screen shots it helps. I just don't know what to do at this point. I have a lot of hours into this and really didn't want to have to start over. I did go back two saves but this problem was still there when I got back to this area.
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