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  1. I made it back to the other side with some cheeky climbing and other methods. I went through the hostile takeover building, did all the quest objectives, I can now enter freely, but the encounter didnt happen again, I went to the broadcast center. No interaction with the constable and the quest for future perfect has not shown up still. I also went to the Wellington health institute and the shutters are down. I will try to redo the steps for house call and see what happens but it seems that if I press a button that I have previously pressed it wont change to off and it will remain lit.
  2. I was correct. The door is locked for me and I am stuck on the half of the parade district with the broadcast tower and I cannot get to the other side. The shutters aren't open. Is there something that I didnt do properly or could it have been caused by one of the game crashes?
  3. I'm fairly certain I was notified about it's completion. And if I'm not mistaken the door to that building wont open for me anymore. But I wasnt able to try rebooting the game since it crashed for possibly the 8th time while trying to load my save game, and I had to leave for work. I will attempt now and post again with the results. Thank you for your time Laura
  4. I just posted it again after making an account. Sorry didnt see the requirements before hand. But I am playing on the ps4 and build 1.1.69541. In the one I posted again I am a bit more specific with details.
  5. I am playing on the PS4 version one build 1.1.69541. I cannot progress with the Main questline for Arthur in the parade district, the quest "letter of transit" I've spoken to the Bobby and I disabled the big robot and went into the building to deactivate the quarantine. At least I think so because after I lifted the shutter the quest "house call" is marked complete. But what i believe to be the main issue is the quest "future perfect" which will not show up in my quest logs even though I've seen the interaction with the woman and the doctor. AND went into the Arkwright labs, the quest still wont show up and I'm fairly certain im stuck. And with no previous save to before the parade (after the interaction) i might have to restart. If anyone, ANYONE, has any ideas please reply, I'm desperate in a way lol.
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