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  1. I was just wondering what exactly was supposed to be fixed in the new update for the Xbox one? It was like a 6 gb update for me and nothing seems to be fixed. I still can't complete the Hive mind quest. I am able to collect honey from every other tree besides the one needed to complete this quest. Quest markers are still not being removed from my map upon completion amongst other things. I love this game and had very high hopes for it. I bought it in early access because of this. It's disappointing to see it still not living up to it's full potential. I am on the Xbox one build v1.3.70173.
  2. I'm trying to complete hive mind quest and it's not letting me collect the honey. It seems to keep restarting the quest and checking off equip a padded suit even though I already had one on. I've restarted this game 4 times already due to bugs not letting me complete a quest. I love this game and it's sad this keeps happening. I'm on the Xbox one v1.1.69578
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