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  1. Crash still occurs when exiting the facility in Malpractice of Doctors. Wtf.
  2. Finally got the save file to load but now I can’t exit the building to complete the quest. Game crashes whenever I try to load out of the exit door. Frame rate on that whole mission is just sloppy at best. Like I’m talking serious frame rate drops and clipping.
  3. Every time I try to load in it crashes. I’m playing on the first gen Xbox one. I started a new game in a different slot. I’ve also had horrible frame rate issues and I know this is something to be addressed in the patch, but the game definitely seems to run better on the Xbox one X. after seeing streamers on twitch play the game I inquired if they were in the X and most of them are. Almost no frame rate drops or input lag.
  4. The game originally crashed curing the cutscene for “A Malpractice of Doctors”. Every time I try and load into my auto save for “A Malpractice of Doctors” the game proceeds to crash upon loading in. I’ve even gone back to an earlier manual save and that file experienced the same crash when I went back and had to replay the WHOLE mission. 6BE0692B-958C-45E1-A549-41CD2AD3FBBD.MOV
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