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  1. Hi Vanessa, To get a new wold seed generated, all you have to do is restart the game. It will do it automatically as it loads you into a new play through. -Mike
  2. Hi Vanesa O, Unfortunately there are no debug options for the Xbox. I'm very sorry to say that should you choose to, that you will have to restart the game with a new world seed. -Mike
  3. Hi Luis, So unfortunately 1.3 does not address this problem specifically. For now if you can use an older save game and retry the quest, might fix the issue. I would try to update to 1.3 then try again. Also ensure that she is holding the use button fully to extract the car to ensure nothing funky is happening by pressing buttons too quickly. I've logged this bug as it is the first report of it i've seen. Please let me know if that works. -Mike
  4. Hi Helen, Well, at this point, we've exhausted all of the options that I can think of. I noticed your game version was still at 1.169578. You can try to install the update and try the level again, but failing that, all I can suggest is to restart the game. I know that is not an answer that you would like to hear, however we don't have a debug option on console. I'm very sorry that this happened to you. I know this must be extremely frustrating, and so I would like to extend to you my sincerest apology. Regards, -Mike
  5. Hi, Question about the future perfect quest. Once you blew the hole in the office, did you talk to the NPC in there and get the Frammistat? -Mike
  6. Hi Savage Gamer, Can you please post what version of the game you are playing? Thanks, -Mike
  7. Hi Louis, Sorry this issue is happening. Am I correct in understanding that this issue has blocked your progress as you have mentioned that it didn't happen in another save game? -Mike
  8. Hi Kikocake, One last thing I can ask you if you have any unfinished quests in your quest log. If so can you post them? On the off chance that there is a lingering quest that needs completing before you're able to activate the parade quest. Thanks, let me know! -Mike
  9. Hi NappyRed, Can I ask you to post the location that you are supposed to be loading into when this crash occurs, please? Thanks, -Mike
  10. Hi Redbird, I have the unfortunate task of telling you that yes the save data is gone. It was a known issue that was addressed in the 1.3 patch of the game to minimize the risk of this happening. I am not aware if you had patched the game yet or not, however if your PS4 is telling you that the data was corrupted, then your console flushed it. I would like to sincerely like to apologize to you for this as getting to the end of Arthur's play through took you much time which is now gone. Sorry this happened to you. If you're willing to give it another try, please make sure the game version is updated to 1.3.70168 to avoid this happening to you again. Regards, -Mike
  11. Hi, please email us at support@compulsiongames.com with the following information: - PC Specifications: 1. Press Windows + R 2. Paste: dxdiag 3. Press enter 4. Select ‘Save All Information…’ 5. Attach dxdiag.txt to email This will help us try and diagnose the problem and get your game to run better. Thanks! -Mike
  12. Hi lesleymackeral, Thank you for reporting this. We are aware of poor frame rate performance on the Xbox and our team is working on improving that with each of our patches. I hope that apart for poor frame rate performance, the rest of your playing experience has been good. Have a great day!
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