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  1. I believe I do. I'll give it a try, I haven't progress much since I found the quest so no problems there. Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. Thanks for the reply, althought there's one problem, after I gave the neximide to bob the quest changed to failed status (now appears red in journal) and I can not track it. Do you know a command for that? IDK something like "constant gardeners completeobjective" if it is even possible.
  3. Hello there, as the title says my quest "constant gardeners" just got bugged. Once I finally found some neximide I went back to and gave it to Bob, but after giving it to him he thanked me said "here you go" and went back into vomiting, plus the quest in my journal now appears as failed (objective has been red crossed). Is there any way to work around this? Maybe with the ingame console? I'm playing on PC (gog version) Build: v1.3.70168 World seed: F7E1B61D4755F3DE438443AAC92CE76F Game setup: Arthur, story, hard
  4. You get into the neighbour's house through their second floor window, you have to pry it open. To get to Nick's place you have to go out the neighbour's third floor window and jump to Nick's house, once there look for Nick's third floor window, you should be able to get in through there. ?
  5. Hello everyone; I want to start saying that I did complete the quest without problems inspite the glitch and I'm just here to report it. Once I entered the church the 2 spankers started to spank the piano guy, even before the simon says table brokes. As I said it didn't affect the quest completion but the endless sound of the electrocution during the quest was definetly annoying. I'm playing on PC (GOD version), I was playing on the 1.3 version during the quest.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully it will be today.
  7. Excuse my ignorance, compulsion games twitted this info augudst 16 at night (my timezone) so this "tomorrow" means the 17th or the 18th?
  8. Glad you took the time answer, can't say I didn't expect that respond sadly. I was having such a good time since I accomplished a lot. I really hope you guys solved this soon since I honestly don't want to play knowing that this could happend again and I wouldn't be able to know until I reach that point again. On that note I wonder if you can give us an ETA on the hotfix
  9. Well, it looks like this is a becoming a common bug. The same thing has happened to me, I've explored the whole maidenholm and there's no Bobby HQ also no marker when I track the quest. I hope there's a propper fix without having to restart a game from scratch, although that's ptobably going to be the solution.
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