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  1. Lmao so I previously posted on this because my game files were corrupted so I decided to start again. I’ve made it farther than last time but now I have run into new issues. I’m playing on the PS4 v.1.3.70168. I was excited when I was notified of an application update but it seemed to make everything worse :(. I’m playing as Arthur in the Parade District about to do the Malpractice of Doctors quest and it will randomly crash and if I wait too long to load it back up again my game will immediately crash upon entry. I thought it was just auto saves but it is also manuel saves aswell in the Parade District. The only safe way for me to open it is save file where I’m in a shelter (last shelter visted or somethin like that) Anyways I dont want to keep going back to a shelter in hopes I get there in time before my game crashes. Please fix this soon because everyday I want to play this game less and less and I was so looking forward to this game.
  2. Hello! I was playing on the PS4, version v1.169541 and I was in Luds Holm by the 2nd track access. I was playing as Arthur and I was looking for mushrooms so I could do the Mysterious House quest. I’m pretty sure it auto saved for me and when it did the game crashed and when I tried to load it up again the game said my game file was corrupted. This honest to god broke my heart because I love this game and I’ve put alot of time into it and I don’t want it all to go to waste. You can take as long as you need I just really want my save file back please and thank you
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