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  1. Posted on another thread someone went back and refired the cannon and the quest then showed as completed this also worked for me and hopefully an easy fix for others! Lovely day for it!
  2. Thank you so much this worked for me aswell youve basically saved my whole game!!!
  3. @TheStinger I tried to but it was just another arthur greeting dialogue the frammistat appeared in my inventory and now he no longer appears
  4. @TheStinger here is a screenshot do you need to see all completed quests as well
  5. Hi @TheStinger this isn't really an option for me as through my frustration I went back to the other islands to complete all the old quests so I could still somewhat enjoy the game, so by going back to an old save I would loose all this progress. There is still the potential that this could happen again and therefore the game would be unplayable? Seems rather a lot of money to have wasted (£70!!)
  6. @Pierre I'm afraid I became rather frustrated and went back to the other islands to complete old quests so I'd have to loose that progress then
  7. Yes only "Letter of transit" and "future perfect" appear I presume "malpractice of doctors" would also be in story @Pierre
  8. @Pierre yes I even have the tool in my stuff but the malpractice of doctors quest never appeared
  9. Hi @Pierre I think my problem is the Future perfect is not shown as completed even though I have all ticks on the checklist, I have completed hostile takeover but the department of health is still locked?
  10. So I've completed the future perfect quest with all ticks on the checklist however it's not registering as completed and not triggering the next quest (to get into the department of health) I'm now stuck as to what to do as I can't enter the broadcasting tower without this quest Playing Xbox 1 version 1.169578
  11. I'm also having issues with this quest line and somehow quarantined an area instead of unquarintined and no access to department of health?
  12. Often if people are suspicious of you they will accuse you of any crime/ blood on your hands ext. it can be from coming off your joy or the wrong clothes or even just jumping around raising suspicion.
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