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  1. From the Happy Jack broadcasts to the very different ways each character presents themselves in their journal, the writing in this game has been one of my favorites in ANY game in a very, very long time. The storyline itself is inspiring, pleasantly convoluted, and it all ties up nicely in the end, leaving one wanting for more. Wonderful shocking moments and terribly sad ones, We Happy Few has grown into a game that I adore. Inspiring, quality, and refreshing. I absolutely love this game. Drawings and cosplay incoming!
  2. You're all doing a great job. Thanks so much for the timely responses here. I've been eagerly awaiting We Happy Few for years and am happy enough to be able to give feedback that will better the game for future players. Have a wonderful day! And thanks again.
  3. I discovered this waaay too late. The vomit bombs too. Great for a Sally playthrough.
  4. Sallys main job is selling them Druuugs! So the best way to make cash with her is to make lots of drugs you don't need but are easy to manufacture for selling. The syringes seem to sell best, though I didn't note which particular one sells for the most.
  5. First off, the story is AMAZING I'M SO GLAD FOR THIS GAME. I will definitely be having a second playthrough, if only after the next patch or two. The credits are currently rolling as I write. Wonderful music. Ps4 Act 3 V 1.1.69541 Quest Markers Quest markers will remain on the map after completion, some undiscovered quest markers (!) have no title or description beside them when viewed from the map, even when player is on location. Audio/Visual Distortion (spoilers) When in Victoria Byngs residence, cutscenes taking place from Bobbies knocking on the door until quest completion were audibally distorted. Audio was considerably slowed, glitched, and static. (Perfectly ruined the scene for me). Game crashed at this same point in previous save load. Hair not loading on NPCs There's quite a number of bald Wellies in residence.
  6. Played through Act 2 and found these bugs. Other than this, the game is great fun! Ps4, v 1.1.69541 GRASS GLITCH Textures around certain Named NPC homes display a green alpha texture on the ground. Doctors House, Dr. Faraday, etc. FLOATING ITEMS/NPCS Some NPCS and a manhole were found floating above ground in Maiden Holm. ITEMS TO STASH MENU FREEZE When sending items to stash, the confirmation window becomes stuck on screen, even when backing out of the stash menu altogether. Disappears after a minute or so. Only on Sallys playthrough (so far). NPCS WANDER THROUGH LAB Not really a glitch, but something I would assume isn't supposed to happen. NPCS wander inside of Sallys lab. When 'answer the door' is part of the quest line, NPCS can open the door and trigger the following cutscene, no matter where in the house the Player is. PITUITARY EXTRACTOR NOT SHOWING When the extractor is equipped, it doesn't show in players hand and makes it difficult to know whether it is equipped and ready or not. 'COMPLETED' QUEST LOG MIXED UP 'Completed' identification tag was in the 'Imcompleted' quests section. (See attached image) GET SLEEPTITE BUG This quest will mark as complete if Sally has had SLEEPTITE in her inventory before, but got rid of/used it before accepting this quest. Possible reason for above 'menu' bug PEACHY'S FINAL MISSION The doors in the house say 'lockpick required' with no option to apply a lockpick. Needs to say 'jammed' or something of the like, so as not to mislead.
  7. Just finished Act 1 and I must report that many cutscenes, especially towards the end, unsynched with audio after skipping visually, and this final time happened during the final cutscene. After loading Act 2, I immediately crashed before even seeing the world. Again. Ps4, build 1.1.69541
  8. My Ps4 has crashed at least 8 times during playthrough, and this final one wiped two hours of gametime for me. It crashes after a seemingly long load time, though they're all pretty long anyway, it's hard to tell. Regardless, the crashes happen the instant you load into the world.
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