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  1. Mysterious package wise, have you tried to jump ontop of the cart and interacting with the package from there?
  2. Full disclosure, I'm asking this specifically because I need a bug fixed (a quest item is missing), but I figured the topic of console commands usage is more of a General Discussion thing than Technical Support. So.. Is there anyway to use them in the full game? Gameranx made an article a few days ago about useful console commands for We Happy Few. They give a vague tutorial on how to get developer cheats to work in the full game, but after trying to follow their given steps, I went nowhere. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some more detailed steps on how to get them to work, if it's even possible. Thanks. ?
  3. Odds are that's what's triggering the bug in people's games tbh. I'm trying to rule out the possible things that trigger this and at first I though the fact I picked up the new Eviscerator piece before being actually tasked to might have been behind it, but after chatting with a couple more people who've encountered the same glitch the only thing we all seem to have in common is the fact we lockpicked that goddamn door. I've also found out that this is an issue that was already present in the Early Access game, but back then you could just go on console commands and type "give BrokenEvisceratorPart" to fix it. Console commands are no longer available though, and non PC players wouldn't be able to use that solution either way lol They'll probably fix this in the new patch though, which I think is being released either today or tomorrow.
  4. This seems to be an increasingly more common glitch players are meeting across all platforms. I myself have encountered it and Compulsion Games has yet to help out. I believe there's something specific that triggers it though. Did you lockpick the door of the room you woke up in?
  5. I don't think I have any saved file close to the Butcher's quest ?? If the development team doesn't respond soon I'm probably gonna try to use Cheat Engine to try to skip the quest or something lol.
  6. Guest "Zzz" has made a very similar post/topic over the exact same issue I'm having but since we're on two different platforms I figured I might as well make my own topic, just in case the solution differs depending on platform and/or game version. The issue: During the quest Slaughterer’s Apprentice I was tasked to fix the Eviscerator by picking up a new piece downstairs. I have that piece in my inventory: But the old piece never really popped off the machine, and I don't really have any option to interact with anything there at all, only thing showing up there is the objective's pin: Prior to encountering this bug I spent some time running around the Butcher's house exploring, and I had already picked up the new Eviscerator piece before being actually tasked to. I also interacted with pretty much everything that's interactive in the house (buttons, doors, items, etc) before being met with the error. I've already saved and restarted the game a number of times but the old Eviscerator piece is just never there. My platform is PC, Windows 10, and I got We Happy Few off Steam. The current version of the game is V1.1.69866. I already owned the game when it was on Early Access, if that matters at all. I'm a bit impatient here because I really want to continue playing, which I can't unless I reload my old files and lose a good load of my progress, which I'm not really looking forward to... I guess I'm stuck inside the Butcher's house for now... But, regardless, thanks in advance!
  7. And, by the way, this is what my screen looks like. No interaction option, just the objective pin.
  8. Yeah. It won't give me the option to interact with the machine either. Thought it might have been because I grabbed it too early, but guess not. Welp, guess only time will tell us what to do lol
  9. Did you also pick up the new Eviscerator piece before being actually tasked to? Because I went into the cellar early on, saw it and grabbed it right away, so I'm just wondering if that might have triggered the glitch...
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