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  1. No problem, I just happend to tune in to see if I had gotten a response and got lucky! Yeah, in my experience it seems to be a PC bug. Hopefully this'll help getting it fixed for others who don't have it as Play Anywhere
  2. Lol, can't believe I forgot to put where I was playing the game in... It's PC patch 1.6.9561. I have it from the Microsoft store via Play Anywhere. Interestingly I booted the game up on Xbox, using the same save from PC and there I could actually pick the lock. So that is sort of a workaround for now.
  3. First of all, up until this point I've been really enjoying the game, but encountering a game breaking bug has really put a dampener on the experience. I'm at the point where you have to enter the Dump and the Band of Brothers quest, but the lock that you're supposed to be able to pick (Looked the quest up on youtube) is not usable, the door is just jammed. I've tried to load slightly earlier save and meeting up with Ollie again, and quest is still bugged at this point...
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