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  1. I take it I haven't got far enough in the game for this to be explained, either that or you're all mad. ?
  2. Hello, not sure if this is a glitch or not just wondering if every single NPC I knock out is supposed to be found in the same place dead after a while? Doesn't really bother me since most of the people I knock out are in their homes which I have no intention of going in again after looting. On my stats it says the murder count is 0 (I'm going for the non-lethal achievement) but these NPC folk always turn into corpses about a day after putting them to sleep with either a takedown or a non-lethal weapon, is this supposed to happen? Cheers and a bloody good day to you.
  3. I have collected so much alcohol from that tap and the objective stays open
  4. Had to quit the game and turn it back on for it to work- but thank you for the swift reply.
  5. Hi. I'm in the Maidenholm hatch (I have activated it by turning on the power and using the switch. However when I try to travel to another unlocked hatch there is no option to do so. Now I have to walk everywhere which is a little annoying. Does anybody know a way around this ?
  6. Worked for me! If you look at the bench your sitting on you should get the option to stand up.
  7. Thanks so much guys for the replies- worked for me.
  8. Hi there. I got killed by some goons right after meeting Sally for the first time in the village. When the game loaded up again I was on a bench in the village reading a newspaper. There are no options available and none of the interactions/buttons are doing anything apart from waiting or putting away the newspaper. I have restarted my game and turned everything off and I can confirm I am stuck on the bench forever reading a newspaper until this gets fixed. I'm about 5 hours in on my second playthrough (this happened during my first playthrough) and I am finding it very hard to want to carry on playing the game in terms of restarting again. Have really been enjoying up till now! Please patch this so that I may continue my adventures as Arthur. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, just want to add to the list of potential bugs people could run into. a few times i've had NPC's die randomly (which I'm not complaining about so much because it makes for easy sneaking/looting) but if anybody else has this I could see this being a problem. A couple times after being spotted by someone in their house they have immediately fallen asleep in their bed (again, not complaining because I easily knock them out and loot the house without a problem) but in terms of realism it's a joke. A couple clipping issues through my playthrough on xbox one with houses not appearing except a window or a doorway with everything else invisible. A few buildings are like this in the village for me with random plant pots sticking out from nowhere. I don't want to come down too hard on these issues because this is the most unique game i've played in a very long time and i'm still enjoying it but it seems that for a lot of people these bugs are game breaking which is a shame. Hopefully these can be patched pretty quickly.
  10. I'm having the same issue. Glad i'm not the only one. Litterally stuck on a bench in the village so I cannot continue playing the game until this is fixed. Such a shame, I was enjoying the game so much up till now..
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