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  1. How did you get your I bought the game in 2016 and haven’t got my code yet either
  2. I know this I thought you might be confused because Sally is a Liar I’ve only slept with someone 10 years ago my ass then the setting are two different places
  3. You guys did a good job my game has crashed and frozen but even tho it has hurt my opinion on the game I would still give you a 7/10 from what you guys had in 2016 I paid to play the first time you showed us at E3 and if the game wasn’t so glitchy I would have given you guys and girls a 9.5/10 ps just finished act 1 hope we get more of Arthur story ps ps love your game thanks for making it
  4. I punch him in the face and get the reward Xbox 1 player
  5. What about the bobby Whist every time I blow it my next action Causes a freeze  084E54E6-0193-4B2C-A288-ADAF09BD2015.MOV
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