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  1. When will this drop? Not playing again until such time.
  2. What version is your game now? I have strong information there will be no patches on ps4
  3. Please stop spreading misinformation no patches are in the works for sonys console.
  4. By their actions or shall i say inactions. They dont have a ps4 support page and u cant put in a ps4 ticket
  5. The devs have stated this game wont be getting patched on ps4 microsoft owns studio now.
  6. Devs have stated that ps4 wont be getting patches as studio is owned by microsoft now
  7. The mere fact they cant even handle taking tickets doesnt fill me with optimism here...indie studio that is in way over its head
  8. I this game you never know if something is a mechanic or some bug
  9. They dont care about us because microsoft bought the studio
  10. The ps4 pro version is unplayable. The frame rate is sub 20 fps, half the quests are broken, and the insane clipping and visual glitches ruin whatever little immersion is left. This game isnt worth 10 bucks right now, forget the 80 I foolishly paid. You cant even load your flippin game without quitting to the man menu. Honestly at this point compulsion and gearbox need to start instructing people on how to get refunds from wherever and whoever they bought it from. I will be contacting sony in the morning myself.
  11. Why should i wait when I spent my hard earned money, work more than full time, and have limited time for games? This game isnt having minor problems, they are major game breaking issues. Nice carrying water for the dev though
  12. Only one known bug fix on ps4–get a refund. Also microsoft owns this studio now so you can forget about a ps4patch
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