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  1. Sally wore that weird dress, there is a picture on her wall of it and in a flashback, when she goes to the old lady that sews clothes basically says so. Ollie blew up the main tv broadcast antenna that broadcasted uncle jack to everyone.
  2. I did not run into that bug, i had a quick google and there are others with that issue. I luckily did not run into any game breaking bugs
  3. I really really really liked the game. I wish Ollie's Act was longer, i really like his character. The things that come out of his mouth. hoo boy
  4. How are we supposed to get there? all the access points are closed off by metal fencing for me also when i stand far away they seem open but when i get closer they are closed. I'm confused man
  5. I'm on pc and build 1.1.69866 and its from steam Saving and reloading the game fixed the issue for me. Thanks for looking into this.
  6. Good thing we can give them feedback about bugs, huh? i dont see how being irate is really going to help the situation.
  7. I find i get lag when i first come up out of the hatches. but past there im generally okay
  8. For some reason my health keeps decreasing. I'm not sure why. I just finished the quest where you suck fog for the chemist, when i went back into a hatch to sleep and took my mask off, i almost died due to "gas" though there was no gas. Now im out in the garden district collecting healing stuff and my health just keeps decreasing. My stats are perfectly fine, i even used a first aid kit. Is it a bug? I included two screenshots of just how fast my health is decreasing via the game clock and one to show my status effects
  9. I'm glad this is a known issue. i was wondering why it wasnt working
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