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  1. For the Eel Pie Holm quest, Hive Mind, I've run into an issue for the PS4 version of the game where I am unable to retrieve a piece of honey comb from the designated quest tree. I have confirmed that it is not a human error by retrieving honey comb from other bee hives located around the game world. I have tried standing at various different angles, thrown grenades at the tree, and lured a mob to the tree to attract the bees. All attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks for making a great game! Still enjoying the hell out of it besides that.
  2. For the Maidenholm quest, Moon Juice Leech, I killed the two constables that we're inspecting the body. I then inspected the body but there was no indication telling me as to whether or not I failed the quest. The map marker is still visible and the quest is still listed in my current quest log. I believe I received the skill points for the quest, but the text is red instead of black. I have not failed a question before and don't know what that looks like, but I did attach two images of the quest log and map. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro, forgive me for the poor image quality.
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