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  1. I know but I want to complete all possible encounters before I beat the game, it’s like a self accomplishment
  2. I thought the hive mind quest was finally fixed after I found it there’s a new hot fix that just came out since I’m finally able to beat the game cause I’m literally in the final mission I throughly I could wait till the hive mind was fixed so I can 100% complete the game yet it’s still not fixed when is the next hot fix coming? I really want to beat the game
  3. Nope....? still doesn’t let me pick it up honeycomb and the missions are still there after when I complete it
  4. Ummm mysteriously now my game crashed and when I reloaded the dig spots are finally gone as well as the glitchy completed quest mission markers, I’m going to check right now if the mission now works(hive mind) I let you know if it works
  5. Also are dig spot markers supposed to be on your map still after you found the chests? Cause that’s what’s also happening for me
  6. 1.So first bug is when I complete a mission for example the marker stays their for almost a whole hour until it refreshes my missions and realizes that I’ve completed those missions. 2. Mysterious chest, as soon as I investigate the chest and it says wait a day or two so I wait and then it tells me it’s ready then when I go back there to the chest the missions restarts and says again investigate the chest and so on fourth it keeps repeating I’ve tried many strategies yet it’s still bugged. 3.hive mind every time I go to the hive and try to pick up the honey comb I can’t it just doesn’t even give me the option which is very frustrating I’ve tried taking off my padded jacket then putting it back on and also many other strategies still didn’t work please try to patch this in the next upcoming update:)
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