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  1. Bummer. Hopefully they fix it sooner rather than later
  2. I'm on Xbox as well and have also been having this problem.
  3. Hello, I've encountered a glitch/bug on the final portion of the quest "In The Still of The Night" which requires I collect Strange Alcohol. The quest still refuses to mark it as completed and/or check the box for "Collect Strange Alcohol." even though I have filled over 15 glass bottles with the strange alcohol and they appear in my inventory. Will this be fixed? I am frustrated with the quest being incomplete as well as not receiving the skill points. I am playing on an Xbox One.
  4. BlackDevilz, I appreciate you trying not to give spoilers, though at this point I'm frustrated that I'd prefer spoilers of this quest because I did complete the other objectives. The game is failing to check off the objective/step of Collect the strange alcohol even though i collect it and the item strange alcohol can be found in my inventory.
  5. KingAnon haha yeah, but I have mild OCD and having it incomplete in my menu as well as not getting the skill points is driving me batty!
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