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  1. Thank you for such a quick fix. The game has its flaws but, so far, has been a beautiful, story rich, fun experience. My husband keeps telling me "it must be good if you have the patience to sit through loading and crashing for a half an hour." And it's true. I'd rather sit through a half an hour of crashes than a half an hour without playing. Well done, Compulsion. It's reminiscent of my favorite franchise - Bioshock - with it's own flavor and personality. Beautiful addition to the genre. Thank you for caring enough to fix the issues so I can continue enjoying it. ^-^

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  2. I reported the issue in the forums already and have an ongoing ticket with gearbox, but I figured I'd update here. 

    I'm on xbox one, build v1.1.69578. 

    I was directed by gearbox to uninstall and reinstall. I did. Twice. No difference. The crashes don't seem specific to a zone. I've just reached Haworth Labs and am still experiencing them. 

    I've found that if I just continuously load the save file it'll eventually load. Sometimes it takes up to four attempts. 

    But it has happened nearly every time I try loading the game, no matter what area I'm in, what quest I'm doing, or where I was when I quit. 

    I've reached Haworth Labs and was just about to take the conveyor belt when the game crashed while playing for the first time. I'm guessing there was about to be a loading screen because it reacted the same way it does when I try to load a save. Now it seems to have corrupted my game as my notes are no longer accessible. I loaded a previous save file and notes that I picked up before I crashed, but hadn't yet picked up in the previous save are no longer able to be picked up. No matter what save file I load - whether it is early saves or recent saves - my notes look the same across all saves. They stop at the "jubilator grand derby" note - even in save files where I hadn't yet reached the jubilator area - and I cannot scroll beyond it. There is no longer a "statistics" at the bottom and at least a dozen notes are missing. 

    I'm really starting to get frustrated. I love this game and I just want to play it but these sort of errors are making it impossible. I've really been enjoying the notes and now I can't read any that I pick up. :(

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