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  1. I I have same problem. Also, the Nothing To See Here skill doesn't work everywhere uniformly. It works fine in towns but it is on/off in garden areas. If you are in a garden area when curfew starts you're ok, fast travel to a garden area during curfew bobbies will attack.
  2. So, the issue I have is after bribing them with Scotch, when I trespass to check corpse they attack me. Can't distract them now as they're drunk.
  3. The quest won't complete for me, I have 10 bottles of strange alcohol and they keep filling.
  4. I reported this as well. It reappeared after walking under the 'start' banner.
  5. I completed Crazy Legs a while back and have the rewards. Just walked under the 'start' banner and it appears trackable but without the runner. PS4 Pro 1.01.
  6. Apologies for the title. There is a gap in the landscape, which you can fall through in Eel Pie Holm. See attached poor pics, hope they help.
  7. The Mastermind quest shows as incomplete, I have activated the switch and can use the fast travel system. PS4 Pro V1.01.
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