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  1. Hello ArxidiaX2, Are you wearing a Boiler Suit? The Bobbys tend to be picky about who they let through. Also, you can try to distract the Bobbies while you pick the lock, and once that is picked you should be able to just walk on in without too much of a fuss. Happy playing! -Pierre
  2. Then I go believe that this is a bug, and an annoying one at that, I'll go ahead and report this and we'll try and find a fix as soon as possible. -Pierre
  3. How close are you to the bushes? Sometimes the trigger can be really close up.
  4. Hello Leona, I believe that it is triangle that you have to hold to harvest the bees on PS4, but you have to be pretty close and target the swarm of bees, then when back at Dr. Faraday's house you use trigger to release them. Good luck! -Pierre
  5. Hello Krystal109, 1) I believe this might be a little bug, I haven't heard about this one yet. Ill go ahead and report this bug. What platform/build number are you on? 2) This is because it is a quest object, so it probably has an exclamation point on or near its icon in your inventory. Not a bug, I don't believe. Happy playing, -Pierre
  6. Ah, that is a real bummer I recommend sitting tight and NOT deleting your save file for now, as we are working on another fix to release and correct many of the bugs customers have been reporting, such as your own, but as this seems to be a game blocking bug I recommend trying to talk to the Bobby at the front of the Department of Health again, as sometimes the game might trigger the quest after doing such. Listen for the Bobby's dialogue talking about the quarantine not being lifted, and Arthur saying that it has, and you should be able to enter the Health Center. Let me know if this workaround helps you out! -Pierre
  7. Yes, it would, it is a pretty essential quest to the storyline. Do you have any other save files to load prior to your most recent one? Sometimes backtracking will allow you to bypass this annoying bug.
  8. Hello Leona, Either dying or shutting off and restarting your game should correct it if you did not save while stuck. Thank you for your feedback, I'll go ahead and report this information for you and we'll try to fix this issue. -Pierre
  9. And it is not in your quest menu to be selected? Sometimes you have to manually select which quest you want to be active. -Pierre
  10. Hello Scattar, Thank you for your feedback, I'll go ahead and report this information so we can try to find a solution. -Pierre
  11. By all the ticks, do you mean just repaired all the machines or did you complete the puzzle and leave the Department of Science with the new tool? You need the tool to complete the "A Malpractice of Doctors" quest which should be the next one in the progression. -Pierre
  12. Awesome, thanks! I'll go ahead and report this bug and we'll try and get a fix out for this bug as soon as possible ?feel free to @ me if you have any more issues you need help with (in the game, that is). -Pierre
  13. What is your worldseed number? It should be written on your pause screen near the build number. Thanks. -Pierre
  14. ^Are you able to go around the lake and walk up the bridge or are you surrounded by water completely?
  15. This bug has been reported recently, it is a world gen issue. Thank you for your feedback, I'll go ahead and report this issued as occurring more than once, and we'll try and get this fixed as soon as possible. -Pierre
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