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  1. i'm working as a chef at http://delicerecipes.com/ and to be honest, i would love to play games where you could VR cook. Or flying with a jet VR, shooting etc. hopefully this would become true someday.
  2. Indeed, i do agree that they are all super talented game designers with amazing stories, there are a few things that i would change, however, there's nothing essential. yet, i do understand that this is not possible, taken in consideration that we're so many players, changing everything each of us would want wouln't make the game so special.
  3. to be honest i think that the future gaming is all based on VR. that's why, it may not happen soon enough, unfortunately (as i do agree with you draft74 on this awesomeness), but there's always a chance that it would happen later.
  4. not living in Australia, but I have an Australian friend complaining on this as well. thanks for the link to petition. I will definitely show it to my friend BUT, can i sign it myself although i'm in USA? thanks
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