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  1. Just having issues with the possibly heinous package quest. the first time I tried the body wasn’t in the cart with the flowers. I restarted the game and it appeared however when I put it in the ash cart the game appears to save but the quest is never complete. Not sure what to do. It’s like it’s not there. I have skipped it and come back, restarted the game countless times and tried moving it around in different spots of the cart. No luck.
  2. Hi guys! Well, I finally got into the house (that isn’t on the game that’s on me because I don’t play many games and kind of stink at them...) anyway, I am in and I am supposed to disable alarms. Well, I did and nothing is happening. I go to where Nick is sitting and I can’t get a prompt for him to interact with me and I can’t find any other alarm systems. There are still metal shutters but I don’t know what to do... He just sits there. help!
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