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  1. I dont know if this may have been alreadt intended on being implemented, but I think that there should be a weather system (Like rain, snow, fog, etc.) and maybe pets like dogs with the bobbies or animals in some wellies houses to alert them. No matter if you take this into consideration or not, Thanks for working so hard on your game and keeping us informed, its one of the things I look forward to on my Fridays.
  2. ldal51404

    Production Update and Story Teaser

    While the change in price that We Happy Few received was not taken so well, from what I've played I believe that the developers have a plan for the end game, and while right now I think in the end it wont be like anything we've ever seen before. Many companies read the player reviews but not so many take them into consideration and fix them. If anyone has ever sent feedback to Compulsion Games they would know that many of the times they look at the problem and take action, they are also very friendly and you know that they are people and not just trying to sell there product. Thank you for the hours of fun, and to many more!