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  1. UncleJackSays

    wellie mode

    In wellie mode will we get to create a character play as a bobby or joy doctor? and will the be new quests and such like new encounters?
  2. when will you add the doctors gas masks back in?
  3. the joy doctors don't wear their plague doctor gas masks ever in the game despite the being in the games launch trailer and update news in the early access stages.
  4. We happy few's framerate is inconsistent . in large areas with ton of npcs the game starts to studder. but in enclose areas the framerate is mostly fine as long as their is only a few npcs the game also has issues with textures and game models not loading properly, invisible walls, doors and cars. when will a patch become available to fix these issues.
  5. when is there going to be new gameplay and when are you guys going to announce a release date?
  6. UncleJackSays

    Weekly Journal - A Tale of Two Conventions

    Will we get a release date announced this weekly update?
  7. UncleJackSays

    Weekly Journal - A Tale of Two Conventions

    Does this mean the full game will come out in may sometime?
  8. UncleJackSays

    Weekly Journal - Quick Production update

    Thanks can we expect an update for today on We Happy Few since it is Friday?
  9. UncleJackSays

    Weekly Journal - Quick Production update

    Also can we expect a story trailer before launch?
  10. UncleJackSays

    Weekly Journal - Quick Production update

    When will we get an update on the launch window.?when can we expect and full on launch date announcement and will early access players get access to the update as soon as it is available , meaning reviewers don't exclusively have access to the full game update before early access players?
  11. This could bring in advertising for you guys to help spread the word of your game by working with Hurcan stuidos. You could help out an indie studio and you guys can benefit from it. Terrordrome 2 has urban legend monsters the doctor character or bobby character would be a perfect fit for the game. I am not from the team I 'm just a fan from their game and we happy few. I would love to get a response even if it means you won't consider doing it. If you need me to give you guys the link if you guys are interested to check it out I will just let me know.
  12. UncleJackSays

    wellie mode

    will the Wellie mode make it in the final version of the game?
  13. UncleJackSays

    steam trophies

    steam trophies and trading cards?
  14. UncleJackSays


    Did you ever think about making an action figure out of the creepy drs in we happy few with the plague dr gas mask?
  15. UncleJackSays

    Uncle Jack

    Will we get to meet Uncle Jack in person rather on the tv in the game?