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  1. Ok thank you I was wondering can't wait
  2. dose people that got the game be for its release with steam for the bata get anything extra compared to people that get the game after?
  3. is there any word on release date? i work nights and sleep all day so i dont see any ads for games
  4. I tossed a dead body onto another (it said deceased) and one of the two stood up and start to talk then fell down dead again.
  5. I have no clue how to get inside the only way in that it seems is the window in the back that you cant get to because it is to close to the building that is behind it.
  6. the first bug i ran into it that after i found the dead body and reported back to the first solder he tells you about a foot locker in the house so i got the gun and other items you can get in his room and went back. when i got back there were people in there (im not sure if there supposed to be able to get in when you leave the back door closed). as i walked around to see if i missed the foot locker first time around i see some one walk through the metal shutters covering the front door. after that i saw a place to put the gun and went to do it. nothing happen. i thought it was because there was people around so i left and did stuff till curfew came rolling around. when i came back both the front and back shutters were down. naturally i though that it was something that was supposed to happen and left. waited till around 7 am for when people started to show and when i went back it was still locked up but there were people goin in the front still even though the shutter was down.
  7. as i was playing the Mission you have to go in to a house after taking shrooms i can get to the first girl and take her down but after that when no one in the room or any way to see me it says i have been spotted and then makes me start outside over and over again.
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