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  1. Hi, The game definitely can prevent saving depending on where you are (certain encounter areas will block saving by design), however it really sounds like you are simply incapable of saving at all, or that something is failing along the way. Would you mind telling us whether the items in your inventory are saved? The game will save the World State and Character States separately, and so that can, and has caused some confusion. Having you respawn in Eel Pie Holm all the time definitely indicates something isn't quite right here. Regards, Jean-Philippe Leighton Compulsion QA
  2. Hi, thanks for taking the time to post about the issue. This is a known bug we hope to have fixed in an upcoming patch. Until then there are a few things you can do to force the Quest to complete. We'll need to use the Debug console for this to work: Enable the console on Release builds: Press Windows + R Paste: \Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\We Happy Few\Config\WindowsNoEditor Press Enter Open Input.ini Add the following lines to the top of the Input.ini file and Save it: [/Script/GlimpseGame.GlimpseConsole] bConsoleEnabled=True If on a non En-US Keyboard: [/script/engine.inputsettings] ConsoleKey=F1 ConsoleKeys=F1 This will Rebind the Console to the F1 key instead of ` (Tilde) ================================================================ Next we can use two Debug Commands to progress the Encounter. We strongly recommend backing up your Save Folder(C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\We Happy Few\) Start the affected Save File Highlight the affected Quest (Haute Cuisine) Open the Debug Console Type in CompleteObjective Note the current Objective state of your Quest At this point you want to determine whether you need to use the command again, or whether you want to proceed as usual. Please be aware that the CompleteObjective command will actually loop through all the Quest's Objectives if you happen to use it while on the last Objective (it loops). You can also use the CompleteQuest command to complete the entire Quest, though keep in mind that this will not affect Objectives. Regards, Jean-Philippe Leighton Compulsion QA
  3. Hi, This sounds like an issue with WorldGen(eration). If you don't mind, could you provide us with some information? Game Version: (v1.4 is the latest, found on the Bottom Right of the Main Menu) Platform: (PS4/XBox One/PC) WorldSeed: (Found on the Bottom Right area of the Main Menu) Regards, Compulsion QA
  4. Hi, Thanks for the heads up. This is most likely a known issue where the Shocking Carelessness Quest won't ever complete properly (putting the player in an endless loop). If you can, try flipping the Power Switch once more and seeing if the Track Access hatch can be re-activated (if it is not already). With that done you should at least be able to use the Track Access Hatch to Fast Travel when needed. If you'd like, we wouldn't mind taking a look at your current Quest Log status for the Shocking Carelessness quest. It may also prove useful to have a screenshot of your map (around the affected area). With these screenshots, you can attach them to an e-mail (support@compulsiongames.com), or by replying to this thread and providing a link to the images. If you do choose to send us an e-mail, please do provide a link to this discussion thread along with the screenshots so we know which Forum Post it references to. Regards, Jean-Philippe Leighton
  5. Hi, Thanks for taking the time to post some of the issues you've noticed. We're well aware of some of these isues, and there are a few that I haven't seen yet. Mysterious Chest is meant to be an endlessly looping quest. Keep going and see what surprises might happen :). We are aware of Hive Mind's issues and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Crazy Lags has had other users reporting issues as well. The Germany Mask not appearing in the Theatre is known as well. Not too sure about the Uncle Jack shows, could warrant investigation. And that UI bug at the end is something I haven't seen reported. Can take a look to investigate. Try filling up my Note Log and seeing if things go bonkers. All this to say that most of the issues you have reported are known, and will be fixed in upcoming patches. Certainly the more serious ones will generally be prioritized first. Regards, Jean-Philippe Leighton Senior QA Analyst at Compulsion Games
  6. Hi Dean, Would you mind telling us What Platform and Game Version you had this issue with? You can find the game's current version by looking at the Bottom Right edge of your Main Menu or Pause Menu screens. We've had similar reports, and we'd like to confirm whether your case is the same. Regards, Jean-Philippe Leighton
  7. Bobby HQ refers to the Wellington Wells Constabulary. This is where you need to go before crossing the Bridge. There's a Main Quest that takes you there.
  8. Tu peut voire les changements du patch dans ce Thread la. Il y'en a dautre qu'on planifie de sortir pour resoudre encor plus de problemes.
  9. Sally commence avec le Trappe d'Access St. George's Holm deja activer (Voir Image). La pluspart des regions exterieurs vont te permetter de faire la Voyage Rapide, mais il y a des exceptions, dans ce cas la tu aura un message "Voyage rapide impossible depuis cet placement"
  10. Hi, Bug #3 shouldn't prevent you from completing your game, but Bug #2 does. This one is a bit more difficult to pin down it seems. Our testers at Gearbox are aware of this (perhaps with more testers, we can figure it out). This is purely optional (since a workaround for this hasn't been determined), but if you would like, you can submit a ticket to Gearbox's Customer Support ( https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ). They do a pretty good job letting us know which bugs are the most frustrating for users, and compiling reports for us.
  11. Bonjour, Vous etes pas le seule a se retrouver dans un suitation comme ca. J'avou par conte, j'ai pas encor vu une sitation comme toi ou que tu n'est pas capable de te decoller de d'la. J'avou aussi que c'est super chiant de te retrouver comme ca. De notre part, on veut que le monde soient capable de jouer sans gros probleme. Alors, on explors tes options pour continuer. La premier affaire que je suggere c'est de voir si tu est capable d'utiliser le Voyage Rapide pour returner a un "Safe House". Pour faire cela, tu peut ouvrire la Carte, viser un Trappe d'Access dans la carte (Une Fleche Noir A l'enverse BLEU), et tapper sur X (Square sur PS4). Assure toi que la Trappe d'Access est activer. Sinon, tu peut determiner si tu a un arme comme un "Explosif" ou "Plus Gros Explosif". Si tu en a plusieurs, il ya des chanses qui'il peuvent de sortir de la en les utilisent pour la.. euh... suicide. EDIT: J'ai creer une petite album IMGUR pcq c'est pas toujours trop claire comment utiliser le Fast Travel quand tu est dans ta Carte. https://imgur.com/a/qjUkifE
  12. It's unlikely since we are able to reproduce it without doing anything but playing the game "naturally", just using the Steam build from the get go. So really, it's an issue that can happen to anyone. Poor James will have to wait to be fixed in an upcoming patch. Feel free to stay tuned to the Forums here for more info on when patches will be rolling out on what platforms. I should also add that we have no specific dates as of yet. A few hotfixes have already been deployed for PS4 and XBox, however this particular issue wasn't addressed in that hotfix.
  13. Hi, Several people have reported the same (or similar) thing happening on multiple NPCs. The developers are aware of the issue, although I do not yet know when the next Patches are due to be released. Cheers, Jean-Philippe Leighton Senior QA Analyst at Compulsion Games.
  14. UPDATE: As of now, the v1.3 update should correct this. Please ensure that you are running the latest game version before submitting a support request. We are aware of the issue, and we plan to implement a fix in a future patch. We are currently tracking the issue and if you would like to mention your specific case, you may contact Gearbox Customer Support, as they help us a great deal in gathering individual cases and presenting / reporting this to us in a concise way. https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new As of now there is no Workaround for PlayStation 4 and XBox Users, so I would ask that you keep an eye on this forum for more information about when an upcoming Patch is being deployed. Cheers, Jean-Philippe Leighton Senior QA at Compulsion Games
  15. Yeah, we put out a fairly generous time frame, simply because we can't be certain until we figure things out. This might not just be a single issue. Regardless, it's definitely an urgent fix and our Programming Hamsters are working diligently to track the issue down. You'll most certainly get more news from us on these forums, and possibly elsewhere to keep you guys posted.
  16. Yes, Hive Mind is impossible to complete at the moment. Searching for an alternative source of Honey is only really needed by Ollie if I'm not mistaken.
  17. Informed the team, shouldn't be an issue to fix! Keep an eye out for an upcoming patch.
  18. Normally not. If you can, would you mind providing a screenshot of the map location?
  19. Hi, thanks for taking the time to bring up these issues. 1. For your first issue, that seems like quite an extreme wait time. The Missions will not always update right away, but we never had a case that'd take quite this long. We'll investigate here and see what we can find out. 2. This particular Quest will automatically Loop. The idea is you go to the chest, and loot it, then you wait 1 or 2 days to once again loot it. But be careful, it won't always give you something helpful! I hope you don't mind me spoiling a bit about this particular encounter, but I think it would be good to make sure it's working as it should. The idea is that there's a 1 in 4 chance that the chest will do something bad, and a 3 in 4 chance that it will have something useful inside. The cycle takes at least one day, so waiting 2 is a sure way to get it to refresh. 3. We've noticed others having issues with Hive Mind as well. Unfortunately this particular encounter seems to be broken for people, however the we are aware of this problem, and you can expect it to be fixed in a future patch. We'll relay this information to the team, so we will attempt to look at it ourselves. Though it may be worth contacting Gearbox's Support over this, as they are the ones who have a number of people on hand to provide Technical Support for We Happy Few. They can provide workarounds to issues that have them, so it might be worthwhile giving them a go here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
  20. Indeed. To the topic of those screenshots where you can see Out Of World, we've never quite seen it that bad. If you could do us a favor, would it be possible to get a screenshot of your map when you find yourself underground like in the screenshot here? It might help us track down where this particular issue occurs. With that added information, I'll be able to write a bug for our team to look at. As a final note, thanks a bunch for detailing your issues so well. If you would like to get some more immediate support (possible workarounds to issues), then I would recommend opening a Support Ticket on the Gearbox Support website here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. They have support staff available to provide you with guidance on actions you might take to get around the issues with the game, they will also refer these issues to us.
  21. Detailed info! Thanks! We noticed this was happening often so getting a better idea on where, or rather why this is occurring so much might be helpful at getting this resolved quicker. And once again apologies for the problems. You can expect a patch in the coming weeks that will address these issues.
  22. Hello! We've noticed several people are encountering a crash when attempting to load their save games. We thank you for taking the time to post about your issues here. If you want a more immediate response with potential troubleshooting steps, please refer to Gearbox Support here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Gearbox's Technical Support staff will be able to process your issue and add it into our bug database. However, we can still use some info in gauging where the issue is happening the most. If you have this issue, feel free to report some information in a Reply to this thread. We request the following information: Please list the Platform you encountered the Crash (PC, XBox One, PS4, XBox One X, PS4 Pro) List the version of the game, found on the Bottom Right of the Main Menu The general area in which the Save File that crashes was saved at such as the Quest, or the Island (This is Optional, but if you can it could be helpful) We apologize for any issues that you may have had with these crashes. We hope to get this resolved as soon as possible. Expect a patch in the coming weeks addressing these crashes, among other issues. Regards, Jean-Philippe D. Leighton Senior QA Analyst at Compulsion Games UPDATE!!! The recent Hotfix should Address the most serious Save Corruption issues relating to PS4. The PS4 Patch is labelled as v1.2.XXXXX while the PC will be v1.3.XXXXX. Please note that there is no way to recover a "Corrupt" save from PlayStation 4 consoles, even if the Save Data itself is fine. You can read about the HotFix here:
  23. Yeah, just open the map and click on the Upside Down Arrow Icon near the Safe House Icon on the map. This should show the Fast Travel confirmation prompt. Note that you can only do this when outside.
  24. EDIT: Oops, looks like Lee beat me to the Punch! Hi, sorry to hear about these issues, It sounds like you've already decided to go with the digital copy, however if you want to address this issue further, please contact Gearbox Publishing here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/115000936846-We-Happy-Few
  25. There are also certain areas in the game where you cannot Fast Travel from (typically when Tresspassing, and In Combat). Usually you want to make sure to be outside whenever you want to Fast Travel to any location. Otherwise you can use the Fast Travel Door in each Safe House.
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