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  1. Thanks so much for the weekly journals!! Always followed them so intensely; it was so nice to get home and read more about We Happy Few. If you guys are looking for suggestions on what to cover for evolution throughout game development, would it be possible to get some stuff on specific characters? I know everyone loves the Bobbies (personally I'm very interested in learning why they all look so similar, how many of them are married, where they live, whether they have shifts, if it will ever be possible for Arthur to romance one of them, etc) and it would be really cool to know whether the butcher (Reg Cutty) was always planned as what he turns out to be in That One Encounter, or if you guys just liked him so much that you wanted to add more in later. Similarly, it would be nice to know if Arthur has changed a lot from your original ideas of him, or if (again) he's just the same as he's always been! And I know a lot of people would be interested in the transition from penguins! too many penguins... to "it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!" to.. a mix of both, I believe? Anyway, naturally everyone has done a wonderful job of making their respective roles both interesting and understandable to those of us who aren't educated in game development and the like. Thank you so much for all the updates so far!!
  2. This was kind of sad, because I invited a friend over to show him the Meat Boy quest and it glitched out on me for the first time... which, to be fair, is my second time playing it, and the first after the update. So some dots to connect there. What happened specifically: the Plough Boys were doing their thing, and the Main Boy was giving his speech, and my friend was like "can you just... start attacking him?" which was a valid question, so I went for it (with an Electric Hammer Pipe, no less) and... yeah, he and the Other Boys started attacking me. I should probably note that his speech wasn't in cutscene mode. I basically just killed all of them (Main Boy first), and then Ed... did not talk to me. I would walk up to him, and the Talk option would show up, but hitting the button for it didn't make anything happen. I checked the encounter page, which said I hadn't chased the Plough Boys away. Okay, fair enough; I killed them. I assumed this was essentially the same thing as failing the encounter and moved on. Later on, I found a bolded encounter marker way out in the ocean on my map. "Assailant 2," it read. I Ghost Moded over there to find absolutely nothing above the ocean, and a big blue box under the ocean. Went in the box, went out of the box, went outside the box; not much to do there. It was really just a blue box under the ocean. So... that's a thing that's happening. A blue box marked Assailant 2 showing up under the ocean and registering as a Plough Boy.
  3. Okay, I know we all assume she's Sally. I mean, her face is in Wellington, she has that syringe, she... is a character... But then why wouldn't Compulsion tell us? Seriously, why not just come right out and call her Sally? If it's that obvious, why bother hiding it? Well, maybe because she isn't Sally. Maybe because... she's Pru. Okay, no, hold on, bear with me. I know this isn't the most popular theory. But I do have evidence! Evidence: Maidenholm shelter. I've already talked in a different thread about how I believe that damp diary was written by Pru, but... what about that latex? What about the latex suit recipe we used to get there? Who do we know of who wears latex? ...Right. I don't know, someone's probably come up with this by now, but I feel like the clues are there.
  4. We know Prudence has gone on holiday, right? That's the real major premise to this theory. Also, the things you find in the Maidenholm shelter. (Not dead Bobbies.) You get this Damp Diary type of note, and it says a lot-- that Ms. Byng cared for the person writing it, that the person is off their Joy/has run away, and that they hated "that awful Arthur"... looking at them? Making eyes at them? Flirting with them? Anyway: it's Pru. Pru is the author of that note. I am so convinced. First off, I really don't think that the author of the note is going to be someone we haven't met. They could be, theoretically, but... why? Why put all that effort into not only creating Pru & her room, but also having Arthur comment on her situation out in the Garden District, only to never have us meet her again? Right. Of course, someone will ask why on earth Clive couldn't be the person. Question: does Arthur make eyes at Clive? No. No he does not. They appear to quite seriously dislike each other, in fact. Also, it's just a little bit... off, shall we say, to have a straight man essentially go into gay panic in-game. It's kind of a stereotype, whereas having a woman misunderstand a man's glance/friendly actions towards her, only to find that he's gay, is nice! It's sweet! It's non-offensive! And of course, in this theory, Pru is a lesbian, so. You know. Extra reason for anxiety -> gay solidarity... Right: Pru. Lesbian. If she is the author of this note, there is no conceivable way to say she is not gay. I mean, the whole thing is just Wow, Do I Wish Ms. Byng And I Were Together, And She Sure Is Dropping Some Hints.
  5. Joy definitely makes you sterile. That's been my thought since the Wastrel line "'Mind the side effects!' Ooh, but there's a big one we don't talk about, isn't there?!" It's always a woman who says that; I'm fairly certain Joy is keeping them from having children. Furthermore: one of the ads (have a photo somewhere, though it's bad quality) in the opening scene newspapers asks you to bring your children to Cutty's, in exchange for... an amount of meat equaling the same weight. I don't think all the children were eaten. I think some were put on trains; WHF is certainly dark, but I don't feel like it's quite so dark so as to just go "oh yeah, Percy's meat now. Arthur's entire quest was for nothing. Sorry!" But there is definitely a huge likelihood that people are being made into meat. I mean, every time someone mentions V-Meat, they bring up how they don't know what it's made of. All downers/dead bodies are sucked up by Jubilators and taken somewhere we don't know about. Somehow, Cutty is still selling V-Meat, despite there being no animals. And of course-- why make V-Meat filled with Joy? You have the water, and tea, and coffee, and if you're thinking 'well food HAS to be filled with it', no, they have un-Joyed bread and fruit/vegetables. But if you make meat out of someone who's full of Joy...
  6. Same; ghost flies into the building, but sort of lower, and she just... doesn't really move after that... Don't know what to do with her. What's funny is that everyone else talks about this encounter glitching, but this never happened to me (playing on XBox) 'til the update. Oh well; at least I know what Arthur's mom is meant to talk about :')
  7. Yes, I said two. See, here's the thing: I play on XBox, and things bug out all the time. I honestly don't care about anything not too bad, which is why I didn't really pay any attention to the coffee machine clipping through the wall. Okay, yes, it was unusable. Sad face, but as it wasn't relevant to the encounter, I just... moved on, and mostly forgot about it. Until I got to Oliphant's office (yes, after the entire place has been ransacked) and found three cat paintings and two cat statues. First, I assumed the two facing the wall were a cue for the cat on that wall (the right wall, when you enter.) So I made it face the wall! Then I walked to the other one, and made that one face the door, since it seemed like that was where the white cat painting under the desk was facing. (Well of course that didn't work, whoever is reading this undoubtedly thinks. You forgot the third cat statue, and those aren't even the positions those other statues should be facing!) So I went on back over to the right-wall statue and suddenly got a prompt from Arthur to open the secret door-- whoops; I just assumed I was supposed to fiddle with the cats on account of the big 'Rotate' prompt-- where I decided to just brute-force this one. I tried all possible permutations with the two cats, basically. Nothing. But wait! There is a light on the left wall! I walk over, and around, and under, and there is nothing there. This, I tell my brother, is a sign that something is meant to be there. He has no idea what I'm talking about. I point out how the light on the right wall is on the cat statue; the left wall's light must be relating to another cat statue! Maybe I can move that middle statue to the left. (You can't, you think.) I can't. Okay, I think at this point, I do not like to do this, but my brother is here and he is on his computer. Time to Google. A Steam thread tells me there are three cat statues, but there are two in my room. There are two! One on the right, one behind the desk. Well, I guess it's Ghost Mode time-- Ghost Mode reveals a cat behind the left wall. Well, I shove that wall (because shoving the wall next to the Right Wall Cat actually clips through the wall, visually, and into the secret room.) I punch that wall. I Ghost Mode in, on, and through that wall. In case someone wonders, Ghost Moding into the wall just clips me right back out when I'm done, and I can't Rotate that cat statue through the wall or while shoving it. This is when I remember the coffee machine, and also when I realize I have been in this singular room since 8 PM. It is now 7 AM, and Arthur has not slept. I have left the room. I don't have much hope for it fixing itself by the time I return/open the save file (that didn't happen with the coffee machine) but... oh well. I will figure something out, and if it has to be Ghost Moding directly into the secret room, so be it! I would just like to know, first, if there's anything I can do about this, or if it's just... one of the known issues; things spawning in other areas.
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