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  1. So spoke to William Godwin in speaker's corner. I posted the 3 flyers. As soon as I was told to go back to speakers corner- it immediately said mission failed. I went back anyway and now there are 2 William Godwins. One standing in front of the other with a crowd angry at them but doing nothing.
  2. Choose it like you would a rock or a bottle. scroll along when you're not looking at your inventory
  3. Here is a picture of the first safe house clearly on the map but not there. https://imgur.com/a/lrCY7 I was running around and all water spots/abandoned houses were there. I force opened a phone box and then all they had dissapeared. It's been remarkably handy for crossing the bridges but annoying when trying to hide from bobby's at night
  4. Apologies if this has already been said but I've found that either my map is wrong or buildings have literally disappeared. If I look at my map- I see my arrow facing "abandoned house" when I look through arthur's eyes I see an empty field. This is happening with everything on my map. I can't find anything..
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