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  1. I know I already posted these on Twitter and elsewhere... thought I'd better stick them here too just in case Finally got my professional shots done and edited, I'm super pleased with them!! I loved cosplaying Faraday, I'm hoping to do it again this year after the game releases... hopefully with a larger group if I can sort it all out!
  2. I was at MCM Expo this weekend in London, and I cosplayed the wonderful Dr Helen Faraday! It was a rather last-minute cosplay, I worked on it over the space of 2 days and was lucky in that I already had pretty much everything I needed to do it... and I'm super pleased with how it turned out! I also have some professional shots that will come through in the next month or so; I'll put them in this thread so you guys can take a look when they're done. Please check out my cosplay page over at Tenken Cosplay, my Twitter at @_spacesymphony , and my Tumblr at kurth-naga for more! I hope you like them!
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