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  1. Just found this Forum today and i think its amazing. Love Compulsion games work and i love We Happy Few. I am one in a team of five working on a team project making a game based around the theme of mental health. We happy few is of course one of the most polished and well produced inspirations so i thought i would bring myself to this forum to ask questions. Our idea is still in a brainstorm stage but our base idea revolves around a woman who lives a life in isolation after her diagnosis of schizophrenia. The main issues we are having with writing our story is the idea of both keeping true to real life as well as staying non-offensive in our portrayal of the illness. This is where We Happy Few excels in its concept and also a concept that we want to use as inspiration. So far i have written a short script that portrays the protagonist going through a "hero's journey" structured experience of falling mentally ill, entering a mental hospital and coming out the other side cured. The journey is going to have characters in her ordinary world, in the hospital and imaginary characters (due to schizophrenia) all throughout each level. I also wrote a list of different dialogues for each level and graphical effects like animated textures and imaginary characters that could portray her illness. What i am posting here for is ideas on how to go about creating a story to base the game around. How do i scale the gritty and dark elements of the game back to a more user-friendly and less triggering level? How do i get across the real terror of the illness without making the game too graphic or boundary-crossing?
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