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  1. I get the impression from things I've seen in the game so far that it started out like any other drug, having research trials and a pharmaceutical company etc. So, privately owned and marketed. It seems to have become a wildly popular drug, to the point that it captured the public imagination. A political movement probably saw the potential for utopia in it, and gained influence in the government, which likely subsequently nationalized the drug's production, marketing and distribution and gave it away it as a public service, and more notably a method of social control.
  2. Wow. Now that you mention it, what if the dark secret is that they had to eat their own children to survive (keeping in mind that a shortage of food is a common theme in the game and that the game looks generally depopulated given the year)? What if Joy isn't birth control at all, but people simply don't have children out of a sense of collective shame? Would certainly explain the crazy religious nut throwing rocks at people ("Come and be judged", "You'll eat your children at the rapture" and whatnot), the obsessive societal need for EVERYONE to take their joy and for everything to be censored to maintain a collective illusion, the disgust and jealousy associated with children, and the eyes... damn, those eyes.
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