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  1. ye ive considered this. i started a new game and still getting glitches so ill delete all old save games and try again ty for all the work u guys put into this community. luv the game
  2. still stuck on a perma dearh in this mish since update, albeit on a different screean. not the greyscreen fade. im now "gone for a swim". do you recommend a restart of game since update, or is there a way around this? ta
  3. still stuck on the i sing body electric mish. no longer greyscreen death loop. im getting a 'went for a swim' in the newspapwr now. do u think it would be better to start a new game re update?
  4. the xbox update hasnt stopped the endless deaths for me so stuck right now. guess ill start over again
  5. ive tried again since update. no longer stuck on the greyscreen death loop. but auto dying every time i try the jubilator ride. apparently i went for a swim. *sigh* am i doing sometjing wrong?
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