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  1. So if I'm walking up to windows and doors at night, with a jimmy bar in my inventory, and not getting this option, is that a bug? I only get the option to "open" the door, which does not work because it's locked. I do not get anything at windows. Perhaps only some windows can be used with a jimmy bar? I've even been told that I need a jimmy bar to perform an action when walking inside phone booths. But I have it in my inventory. I actually have 2 because I accidentally made a second. That makes sense for the jerky. So until I get saltpeter, I can't really do anything with the raw meat, except eat it and take a chance on food poisoning?
  2. Is the collector's edition going to include the game? Or is the game separate? If it's going to include the game, but it's not available yet, then I'll likely wait until it's available. Is it going to come out before launch?
  3. Hello! I just started playing We Happy Few. It's a great game so far, but I'm definitely feeling a learning curve. With most games, I do a quick google search for the thing I want to know about, and generally find it within 0-5 minutes. This has not been the case with We Happy Few. I've tried the official gamepedia, but all the articles seem to be stubs without helpful information. I've tried Steam Guides and Let's Play videos, but everything I've found is from about a year ago, and I don't trust that the information is still valid given the game's in alpha. Does anyone know of an updated guide or wiki? My current questions: How do I equip or use a jimmy bar? Is it usable only at night? How do I turn raw meat into jerky or another edible form? Does it involve a campfire? Thank you!
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